3 Generations & 60 years of experience

Çelikor GLobal Lojistik A.Ş was established in 2010 with 60 years of experience and the excitement of the 3rd generation youth.

The adventure, which started with Ayhan Nakliyat in 1960, continued as Çelikay Nakliyat in 1980 and today continues as Çelikor Global Logistics, which was established in 2010 after 60 years.

Çelikor, which complies with international logistics standards in every field it serves, monitors all its vehicles 24 hours a day with its vehicle tracking system.

We provide container transportation and heavy transportation services to our customers at the ports of Ambarlı, Yılport, Evyap and Gemlik. With our heavy transport services, we safely transport your out-of-gauge loads with our professional team.

We provide one-stop service for your domestic transportation, container transportation, international seaway, road, airway, railway, heavy transportation, lowbed needs.

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